Payment Optimization with Network Tokens

Network Tokens Beta Program

The VGS Payment Optimization suite now includes Network Tokens as part of its CALM (Card Account Lifecycle Management) offering. Network Tokens enhance the security of payment transactions while minimizing fraud and improving approval rates.

A network token is a unique, randomly generated identifier provisioned only by a card network such as Visa or Mastercard. This secure token can be used in lieu of a primary account number (PAN), enabling the processing of payment transactions without exposing sensitive card account data. This security technology helps combat fraud in your ecommerce with its one-time use cryptogram that is provisioned for each transaction.

Network Tokens: Heightened security, greater throughput, lower costs

VGS works directly with major card networks like Visa and Mastercard to replace a 16-digit Primary Account Number (PAN) with a unique 16-digit token identifier by being an On Behalf of Token Requestor, enabling merchants to process payments through VGS without exposing sensitive card information. Unlike tokens provisioned by other payment service providers (that can only be processed by them), Network Tokens from VGS are interoperable between service providers and are recognized by card networks and card issuers. Additionally, ecommerce transactions with Network Tokens will experience reduced processing costs from Visa and Mastercard, unlike PSP tokens.

Built on top of the VGS Zero Data™ Vault, Network Tokens enable high fidelity and trust with card issuers by minimizing the exposure of sensitive card data to third parties throughout the payments ecosystem. In addition to providing security and cost reduction, VGS also updates Network Tokens in real time whenever there is a change in the underlying card account, such as when a card has been replaced, suspended, or closed, resulting in reduced false positive declines. Merchants can also see an increase in their card approval rates by as much as 3 percent.

What you can expect with the VGS Network Tokens Beta:

With the Network Tokens Beta, you can start processing payments without exposing sensitive card information while exponentially increasing the value 
of your payments data. You will work closely with the Product team to set up your account to implement network tokens. The Product team is excited 
to learn from customers as they start using this 
new service.

Benefits of using VGS Network Tokens:

  • Process payments without exposing sensitive payment card information using a secure PAN alternative
  • Work with multiple payment providers, as Network Tokens are interoperable between PSPs
  • Automatically update card-on-file data in the background when changes are made to underlying card account
  • Increase your transaction approval rate while minimizing fraudulent transactions
  • Supplement your card account lifecycle management with Account Updater for card issuers that are not participating with Network Tokens